How A Puppy Saved My Heart

Most people won’t admit it, but when you get your heart broken over and over, well it starts to become a little hardened. To put it frankly you can become very “cold” or “unavailable.” This happened to me. Over the years I have had my fair share of relationships, mostly all ending on bad terms. Each one teaching me something about myself. I am grateful for all of those experiences. Hindsight can be such a b***h, yet it is amazing at the same time. How are we meant to learn properly without going through life lessons ourselves? Back to the topic at hand.

My story goes like this, I’m not the best with relationships, mainly because I have become more and more reserved over time. Tip; always keeping your heart guarded doesn’t help people. My last few relationships made me into an icicle, maybe better described as an iceberg! Now in saying this, I have always been a big softie, yet this had been hidden more and more over the years. I guess it comes with the life experiences I’ve had so far.

As you can imagine from the title, I got a puppy on the 25th November 2017, exactly one month before Christmas. What a day it was. It all started when I woke up and started the mind-numbing Facebook news feed scroll, but today was different. Now I’d quickly like to point out, I’m a huge fan of bargain hunting, so on this fateful day I was lying in bed flipping through the Wellington Buy, Sell or Swap Facebook group looking for a deal, and what do you know, puppies for sale! Well to put it frankly I was in no way or form previously thinking about buying a puppy, but something just niggled at me to call the breeder. I went with my intuition and rang the number provided, organising a time to go see the puppies later that day. One motorbike, two riders and a whole lot of excitement later we arrive at the house. Needless to say, when we got there, my heart skipped a beat, they were all so adorable! I originally went to look at a black puppy but when I got there my little fury son stole my heart. He was the only male pup in the litter and by far stood out from the rest. A few hours later, a huge amount of tossing and froing, a trip to the bank and a ride back to pick up the car, I made the best decision I have ever made. I am a proud owner of an 8 week old American Pitbull Terrier newly named Julius Caesar.

Now I’ll be honest, It wasn’t all laughter and rainbows straight away. The first night when we got him home and I realised I had nothing, and I mean nothing to cater for an 8-week old puppy, it all sank in. Impulse buying is one of my specialties, and getting a good deal always gets my endorphins going, but man when the dust settled and I was left with a puppy who would cry all night, pee inside our house, along with the fact I was not 100% about buying Caesar in the first place, everything all seemed to go “tits up”. I hate to admit it but I even considered taking him back! One week later; new crate, new doggy fence, dog bowls, collar, leash, a few good puppy toys and a puppy who sleeps through the night, we are away. Those first few days of nervous regret have flown by like a mad motorcyclist on the autobarn, gone forever!

It’s been 7 months since I purchased Julius and we are completely inseparable. He is my ultimate companion, he can be described as my furry shadow, my best friend and my most valued possession. The most loyal, loving, kind hearted and amazing creature I have ever met. Whoever said money can’t buy love obviously never bought a puppy. Julius has been my sanity, being an entrepreneur can be very lonely sometimes, especially on those cloudy days. I can honestly say the last 7 months would have been extremely rough without Caesar. Slowly but surely he has helped me to understand love can be unconditional, it has no boundaries, you can feel so deeply connected to not only a human but to a kindred spirit from a different species altogether. As I write this he is currently sitting under my office desk with his head resting on my foot. I swear these animals have to be one of the most caring breeds on the planet. All I can say is F**K anyone who hates Pitbulls, American Bullies, Mastiffs or any other breed which is under the dangerous dog category. I have never experienced a more caring and loving creature in my life. It goes to show its all about how you raise your dog, the owner’s skill set and not the breed themselves. I personally am on a mission to make people realise how amazing this breed is and to showcase the pure love which they have towards humans. My goal is to be an ambassador for them, to be the voice which they don’t have. With more people taking time to raise their pets properly, doing the correct training, discipline and showing unconditional love towards their pets, we will see a change!

In summary, Julius Caesar has turned my once hardened heart back into a loving, understanding, caring organ. I can honestly say without him in my life I would have potentially become a very toughened and cynical individual. Caesar has shown me that unconditional love is real, it exists. If you are in a similar place to where I was, or you can see yourself becoming more and more hardened internally, I urge you to try and find a happy place, maybe go and volunteer at a local animal shelter, offer to walk your friends dog, or simply find a loving animal to spend some time with. It may not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me. I hope this small insight into my life will be helpful for someone, if you have found this article interesting or you can relate, please feel free to Like, Share & Comment. Also if you have had any similar experiences I would love to hear about them. Have a great day people!

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