30 Tips On How To Enjoy Being Single

Being single doesn’t have to be a struggle, lonely or depressing. Many single people live a fulfilled independent life of their own accord, without the need for someone else to come along to add some magical touch into their lives to make them happy. Below we have outlined what we believe to be 30 easy, actionable tips to enjoy life being single, so you too can take advantage of the benefits the single life can bring.

Tip 1

Reconnect With Family

Sometimes when couples get together they tend to limit the times they spend with their individual families since both of you come as a package deal. Without the time constraints or balancing act (you may have to deal with), you can focus on enjoying life with your own parents. As you get older you come to realise your parents are human too and getting to know them on a more personal level can increase your love for them even more. Make this a priority, especially if you are about to go travelling or move cities.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 2

Expand Your Social Circle

There are so many single people out there, why not connect with like-minded singles who share the same interests. This can help in many aspects of life, from finding more friends to hang out with, go travelling together, growing your network for job opportunities and even collaborating on projects. Keeping active with your single friends and doing stuff you enjoy will never make you feel alone again.

Tip 3

Exercise and Eat Right

Being single it’s important to look and feel good. You can’t expect to attract the opposite sex if you don’t take care of your body. Cut out the cigarettes, limit your junk food intake and exercise regularly. Make it a part of your life. Like travelling, it will soon be addictive due to the huge endorphin release after each workout. Find out what you enjoy, whether it is playing a sport, doing a gym class or going swimming etc. Being active is another great way to expand your social circle as mentioned in tip 2.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 4

Travel Often

With less relationship commitment, you have the ability to travel as regularly as you like. Life being single can be exciting when you are always planning and going on trips with friends or even venturing by yourself. Solo travel is becoming more popular and cheaper every year, making your excuses less valid. Expand your horizons by visiting new places and experiencing cultures you have never seen before. It may sound daunting but pushing yourself into unknown locations can break you out of your routine and you will soon realize why so many single people get addicted to travelling! You don’t need to travel to the opposite side of the world for this effect. It can be as simple as visiting a nearby town or city. This is one of the major benefits of being single and you should definitely take advantage of this.

Tip 5

Upskill Yourself

With more time on your hands, you have the ability to learn more skills at a much faster rate! Use this time wisely to upskill and to help advance your career, look for a new job or even start your own business. The more valuable you become, the easier doors open for you.

Tip 6

Attend Events

Whatever it may be you are into, I’m sure there will be events in your city based on your interests. Is there a new restaurant opening? Art exhibition or music gig? This can be a great way to become a socialite in your city and to meet other singles who are doing the same thing. This will become a spiral effect, the more people you know, the more exclusive events you will be invited to, the more exciting things you get to be a part of.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 7

Be More Creative

Like tip 5, with the extra time you have being single, why not use this time to discover new hobbies? What would you love to be doing? Or what have you always wanted to give a go? Well, do that! There is no reason why you cannot start. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the new things you have to learn. If you are practising being more creative and having fun, everything else will fall into place.

Tip 8

Spend More Time in Solitude

Being single ultimately does mean you will end up spending more time alone but this isn’t a bad thing. Society wants to distract you from yourself as much as possible. Why do you think they pump out so many movies, tv series and games? Finding a quiet place to relax and meditate, really increases your chances of getting to know yourself. Question your life choices and correct anything which needs to be changed. The more you learn about yourself, the better you can manoeuvre through challenges and create the life you want.

Tip 9

Grow a Self-Reliant Mentality

With no one to rely on but yourself, this is a great time to become more self-reliant in your everyday ventures. Closely tied with tip 5, you want to learn new life skills to be fully self-sufficient, enabling you to make decisions on your own which you are proud of. The more in control you are with your life, the better chances you have of steering it in the right direction.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 10

Move Cities

Sometimes a completely fresh start in a new city can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Being single doesn’t have to restrict you to one location. Start branching off to new horizons and/or looking for new opportunities elsewhere. Moving to a new city or even country can be very liberating and forces you to go interact with new people.

Tip 11

Reverse Social Conditioning

Society has people chasing fantasy beliefs and as soon as you starting thinking for yourself, you really will start to enjoy being single. Who said you have to be with someone to be happy? Get married by a certain age? Purchase the big house or have the typical corporate job? Social pressure has us chasing these fantasies. It may make someone else happy but is that suited to you? Take the time to think about what you really want out of life, don’t be afraid to go against the status quo.

Tip 12

Be In The Moment

Humans tend to always look toward something in the future or reminisce on the past. Holding onto past failures or mistakes doesn’t help us at all. Why waste extra energy on things that we cannot change. No one is perfect. Mistakes can be a blessing in disguise, helping us to become stronger and learn valuable life lessons. Being in the moment can truly make single life more special. Appreciate what is happening in front of you now, go with the flow and don’t fight what is happening. While planning for the future is perfectly fine, worrying about it can do more harm than good.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 13

Love Yourself Unconditionally

This tip could be a whole article in itself, however, this is a major for learning to enjoy life being single. Understand as humans, no one is perfect and neither are you. We all are works in progress. Knowing what your strengths and weakness are is a great starting point for loving yourself without the need for love from external sources. With the desire to be the ultimate version of yourself, this self-love will only grow and develop into something magical.

Your chemical make up will never be repeated in history”   ~ Robert Green

Tip 14

Forgive and Let go

Whether you have just come out of a messy breakup or had a divorce, remaining bitter or holding on to resentment to do with past situations or people is counterproductive to creating a new life for yourself. Learn to forgive others and even yourself on past mistakes, take the lessons from the experiences and eradicate the negativity from your memory for good. Now time to enjoy life being single!

Tip 15

Party Hard

Single life equals freedom, so why not celebrate in style? Plan a trip or night out with friends to blow off some steam, let loose and have fun. (Tip: Try not get lost like in The Hangover movies!) Life isn’t all about working hard but remember mix things up. Going to the same bar every weekend isn’t exactly going to enhance your nights anytime soon.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 16

Consume Your Own Media

Don’t be forced to watch others mind-numbing media or news, take full control of what comes into your brain. You will be surprised by how happy you are when not forced to watch or listen to things you do not like. Only you are to blame for those Netflix binges now!

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Tip 17

Invest In Your Sleep

Sleep is important. This can make or break your day, so why not take advantage of this when you are not sharing your bed with someone else? A high-quality mattress and memory foam support pillow for your neck are highly recommended! Thank us later 😉

Tip 18

Use Affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to use when you want to reinforce an idea or belief. You can listen to affirmations or even come up with your own. Now repeat them to yourself in your daily routine.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 19

Join a Community

Your friends may be coupled up but that doesn’t mean everyone else across the world is. Connecting with singles who are choosing the same path and going through the same life events can help you realise you are not alone. This is where Life Being Single comes in! This is one of our goals and we are excited to bring you all together.

Tip 20

Invest Your Money

Your expenses should be much lower compared to families with dependents, so why not use this extra money to build for the future. Invest in property, cryptocurrency, stocks or whatever business venture you want to take on. With less financial responsibilities, you most likely can diversify your risk.

Tip 21

Reinvent Yourself

Who said you have to remain the same person for the rest of your life? Experiment, switch things up and explore new ideas. Most people are one dimensional and too scared to put themselves out there. Not you. The world is your laboratory so start testing!

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 22

Show Generosity

Giving back to others, whether it’s your undivided attention or taking someone out for dinner, (without any ulterior motive) can improve your single life. Generally, people think of showing generosity as giving your resources to others but let’s not forget it’s massively important to be generous to yourself. Allowing yourself to receive kindness from others, and also give back to yourself, take a break or have that treat, indulge sometimes and don’t feel bad about it!

Tip 23

Have Good Sex

While statistics show singles have less frequent sex compared to their coupled-up counterparts, having fun, spontaneous sexual relationships in either a one-night stand or with casual partners can be one of life’s memorable pleasures. Forget what the media says, stay safe, use protection and absolutely choose your partner carefully.

Tip 24

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We are all guilty of it. Being single can open you up to criticism from friends, family and even society. Everyone pretends like they know the answer to life but in reality, we are all still trying to figure it out. Stop putting others on pedestals, trust in your own abilities and have patience in your life progress. I’m sure you have heard the saying “Your biggest superpower is being yourself”. Copying another person will only hinder you in discovering your own life purpose.

Tip 25

Go on Dates

What would be being single be like if we didn’t put ourselves out there and get into the dating scene? There are so many options in this day an age, majorly due to online dating. However, nothing beats traditional flirting with a person face to face. Using many of our tips in this article can help you line up some quality dates with far better results.

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 26

Destroy Your Comfort Zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” This quote reveals the honest truth on what many people neglect to admit. You will never grow as a person if you are trapped in an easy routine, comfortable situation or neglecting to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Seek things that scare you and get the heart pumping. You will feel alive and hopefully learn a lot about yourself along the way.

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Tip 27

Look Attractive

Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean neglect your appearance. Take care of your body, exercise (tip 4), keep your personal hygiene to a high level and find the right fashion style which fits your personality. These simple things can make all the difference when being single, especially when tip 20 is concerned.

Tip 28

Learn To Be Emotionally Independent

Stop relying on others to make you feel good. Allowing others to dictate how you feel will only leave you confused and disappointed. Try to be happy with yourself, don’t get your personal happiness from any external sources, situations or people. Realise happiness is inside of you and only you can decide what makes you feel good. Take control of your emotions!

How To Enjoy Your Life Being Single

Tip 29

Be Spontaneous

Nothing is going to get you out of your comfort zone quicker than being spontaneous and saying yes when invited to do something. Get out of your bubble, leave your house and live life! Like The Yes Man movie, JUST SAY YES!

Tip 30

Enjoy The Ride

Life can throw you some curb balls from time to time. While you may be single, having the determination and mindset to never quit will get you through all of life’s challenges, so enjoy every moment as if it’s your last. The world is constantly changing so learning from the lows will only help you appreciate the highs that much more!

In Summary:

Thanks for reading our 30 easy tips on living a fulfilled life when being single. We hope you have taken them on board and aim to use them in your everyday life! What are your thoughts on the tips we have mentioned? Anything else you would add? Please feel free to share, like or leave comments. We would love to hear from you.

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