What a great opportunity it is to write this article. I’m going to be honest with you, though: getting it down to seven has not been easy. These are drawn from my personal experiences, and in no way or form am I suggesting you can only achieve these experiences and life lessons whilst being single. However, I personally have found it much easier to accomplish these for myself whilst I have been single.

Playing The Drums - Self Development

Number #1

Self Development

With fewer distractions and more time on your hands, you now have more time to think, reflect, and learn. What makes you tick? What are your ambitions, dreams, fears? What can you do today that will make you stronger tomorrow? It’s extremely important you learn to be comfortable being alone. This may sound like something out of a Tony Robbins seminar, but 99% of people neglect to do this. ‘Learn to control your mind, otherwise someone else will.’ This has always resonated with me. Everyone needs to set time aside for themselves every day with no distractions. You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself, other people, situations, and your ability to overcome any obstacle when you think about it hard enough.

Women Running In The Sun - No Commitments

Number #2

No Commitments

When you are single, it is much easier to focus on yourself. The time which would have been spent focusing on another person can be utilized differently, and you can take advantage of this to help further develop your own skillset. Have you always had that business idea which you wanted to work on? Wanted to work out more or become fitter? Even considered moving to another city just to test yourself? Without having to plan your life around your partner, all of the above can be achieved with much less effort. The ability to focus on upskilling yourself is at your fingertips. Want to do something different? Go and do it!

Love Faith Hope

Number #3

Save Money

Let’s be honest, we can all save money by not being in a relationship. There is no need to purchase extraordinary birthday and anniversary gifts, expensive Christmas presents, or for you to fork out on those extravagant holidays.

But wait, what’s that I hear you saying? Don’t you need to spend money on dates when you’re single anyway? Good question. Well, to put it bluntly, my answer is still the same: if you are spending too much money on dates, then try to come up with some alternatives to going out for dinner or splashing out on the town. My suggestion is to try thinking of other ways you can do things to develop your people skills. Do activities outside which can save you money while getting you fit and healthy at the same time. Doing things with different people is also a great way to develop social skills. It also lets you look at how you can invest the money you’ve saved into a tangible money-making venture or new business idea. Use your money to bring you more revenue streams, increased investments, and a brighter future.

Lookout Over New York USA

Number #4

Travel / Adventures

The number of times I have heard of couples having to work around each other’s schedules or cancel travel plans because of their partner is astonishing. Forget asking permission to go anywhere! When you’re single, you can make that spontaneous weekend trip away with your friends, you can go to Bali for that getaway vacation without telling anyone, you can do what you want when you want, any time.

Young Couple Taking A Selfie

Number #5


Dating will allow you to learn how to be comfortable with discomfort. It’s a way of improving your social skills and interaction skills with other humans. Everyone has a story and an experience; you have not been through everything the world has to offer. Use this time to understand the other person, and more importantly, have fun.

Don’t settle for the first person who comes along. Get out there and experience the world. What’s better? Investing all your time into one person with the (statistically speaking) high possibility of it not working out, or experiencing all kinds of different and unique human interactions? Personally, I would much rather the second option. It’s a win-win situation. You meet loads of new people, helping you to learn what you like in a future relationship, whilst having the option to choose what qualities you really want to have in your future partner.

Man Overlooking A Mountain View

Number #6

Patience & Decisions

Being single gives you more personal time to think and meditate on events and situations which occur so rapidly in everyday life. You are able to decide if you want to take an opportunity for yourself, and you only need to consider how it will affect your current situation. Don’t get me wrong, making decisive decisions is key in or out of a relationship, but what I’m trying to get across here is that you have fewer distractions and fewer people to consider, which enables you to make a decisive decision more easily. Being able to be completely self-focused and knowing you only need to make a decision for yourself can be a blessing in disguise.

Women Screaming

Number #7

Forced Relationships

Lucky number 7, last but not least, is no more forced relationships. We all know those partners who have friends, family members, or even pets who are part of the relationship package that they wish weren’t there. The ones who you don’t quite click with or whom you clash with in some way. Well, let’s say goodbye to those and hello to the great and amazing friends you choose for yourself to have in your life.


Always strive to upgrade your life in every way possible. Consistently look for ways to improve your health, wealth, and happiness, whilst making sure to always be grateful for what you have already. I see so many people fall into the trap of the comfortable job and mediocre partner. So many people are living in a fantasy world and do not truly understand that someday they will die. Aim high and keep working until you achieve your goals.

Those are the 7 advantages of being single, which I feel help me to be a better person. What are your experiences? Share this with a friend who you think needs to see this!

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